Art Partnerships Reduce Waste

Jacob Holm embraces sustainability on all levels – including the artistic. By partnering with French eco-designer Gérard Dumora, we’re able to contribute our non-woven fabrics to industrial and urban art projects through an initiative Dumora calls Vortex-X.

Up-cycling Jacob Holm nonwoven fabrics, Vortex-X creates sculptures of intricate, gossamer strands. Our material is sliced ​​into strings, then stretched and tied in precise angles, gracing public spaces and industrial sites with sculptures called “wipe webs.” In this way, we’re not only providing raw materials for artists, but also finding value for the public in industrial waste.

Through these art installations, Jacob Holm and Vortex-X hope to inspire viewers and encourage the practice of upcycling. To find out where you can view a Vortex-X exhibition, has information about all past and future sculptures.