Announcing Our 2025 Sustainability Goals

With our vision firmly fixed on a sustainable future, Jacob Holm is proud to announce the official launch of our 2025 Sustainability Metrics. As a global leader of sustainability in nonwoven fabrics, we’re charting a path forward with aggressive goals that will reduce our environmental impact.

Using our 2018 numbers as a benchmark, we’re committing to the reaching the following sustainable metrics by 2025:

A five percent reduction in net water usage

A ten percent reduction in energy consumption

A fifteen percent reduction in greenhouse gas emissions

A thirty percent reduction in waste to landfill

We’re tracking all these figures for every kilogram of material produced. Not only are we pursuing these goals through smarter, optimized production, we’re also upgrading our materials and technology. We’re already seeing energy savings through initiatives like our switch to LED lighting, the improvement of our HVAC systems, and the optimization of our fabric mix.

Jacob Holm is also helping our partners both up- and down-stream. With our innovative Jacob Holm eCO 2 -quation app, our customers can track the carbon footprint of the products they order and optimize their selections based on key performance indicators. And by combining our efforts with non-profit partners like Una Ciudad para Todos, “A City For Everyone,” in Spain, we’re redirecting our waste material in conscious, beneficial ways that help us reach toward social sustainability as we reach toward environmental sustainability. 

Jacob Holm’s 2025 Sustainability Metrics provide a measurable, transparent framework in which to realize our deep commitment to the environment. We’re proud to move forward together with our partners.