Donation to Diaper bank of NC

Jacob Holm is a family business, and we believe all families should have access to proper hygiene. Though we’re most known for our consumer wipes products, we’re also heavily involved in the hygiene market, producing a range of diaper components. ]

As part of our commitment to social sustainability, we were excited to make a donation to the diaper bank of North Carolina as part of their inaugural fundraising gala in 2019.

Research shows that providing families with access to diapers leads to improved physical health in children and better mental health in their parents. Another benefit is improved employment consistency for working parents, which contributes to both social and economic sustainability.

A grassroots non-profit founded by moms, the Diaper Bank has made huge strides toward ensuring no baby in North Carolina goes without the basic necessity of diapers. It’s a simple step toward the overall goal of greater family stability, and Jacob Holm is proud to be a part of it.