Investing $150M in Minority-Owned Businesses

As part of our conscious effort toward social sustainability, Jacob Holm tracks every penny we spend, making sure we contribute to the diversity of the marketplace by investing in minority-owned businesses. In 2018, this number amounted to $ 150 million — from our Candler, NC, plant alone!

The majority of that money was invested in woman-owned ARM Trucking, a small transfer company based in neighboring Waynesville, NC, but we’re also tracking our investments in Hispanic, Native American, African-American and other communities.

Since 2018, Jacob Holm has created a new position called Vice President of Sourcing. The current Vice President, Erik Lomholdt, leads the charge to increase transparency in our supply chain, tracking diversity in supply chain, at all plants, with an eye toward sustainability. This is in addition to our already-rigorous assessment of our suppliers, equipment, training, safety and end-product quality. 

While we’re known for taking care of our workers, Jacob Holm believes that sustainability requires more: Caring not just about our own employees, but every person in the marketplace.