Quality of Life at Work: The Wellness Challenge

On two continents, Jacob Holm fosters a work environment that supports our employees’ health. Business and social sustainability depend on nurturing the physical well-being of our workers. In our plants in Soultz, France, and across our three plants in the US, our employees are offered workshops and challenges to improve their own physical health. Specifically, in Soultz, workshops are offered on themes of smoking cessation, achieving quality sleep and a balanced diet, and physical wellness practices such as yoga and pilates. At our Candler plant, employees may choose to participate in the annual Wellness Challenge, engaging in fun competition toward the goals of healthy eating, increased exercise and creating a work environment that supports healthier habits. 

“We spend many hours of the day together,” says Candler Human Resources Manager Amy Taylor. “That’s why I want to make sure that our workplace helps us maintain and even improve our health.”