Caring for our Workers – Both On and Off the Job

Jacob Holm aims to provide our employees worldwide with a sustainable working environment. In the US, we work hard to provide the best possible healthcare coverage to all of our employees, and we’re proud to say that more than 90% of our US workers have chosen to participate in our healthcare benefits program.

While most employers contribute only 82% for their workers’ employee-only plans, and only about 71% for family plans, Jacob Holm pays between 85% -95% of our employee premium, providing a meaningful benefit for our employees.

In addition, we offer two outstanding options for both medical and dental plans, allowing our employees the opportunity to find the best fit for their needs. Jacob Holm covers our health reimbursement plan 100%, giving our workers peace of mind. Employees choose between dental plans: We cover 65% -70% of one option and 100% of the other. 

Caring for our workers means valuing their safety and wellbeing in all aspects of life. This is why, in addition to healthcare coverage, we also provide monthly physical and financial wellness programs. In Europe and the Americas, we offer activities that provide employees with opportunities to become more financially aware, so they can be happier and more comfortable with their finances in the future. In addition, we provide financial counselors to help our employees improve their overall financial well-being.

“Our new team members are always surprised by and pleased with our benefits package and say their employee cost is much less than what was paid at previous jobs” says Robin Devlin, Regional Benefits Specialist. 

We value our people. Our investment in their physical and financial well-being is one way we have invested in caring for them and their future.